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Why choose the 麻.com domain and Chinese Hemp?

Product origin, mislabelling, and safety concerns have caused lots of problems for patients and consumers who are using CBD to find some peace of mind. Often, many are using the wrong CBD formulations and products, and are missing out on the real therapeutic benefits of CBD. With a plethora of CBD products, choosing one that has the correct labelling and works, without adding to the confusion for novice users and making sense of scientific debate among experts is a daunting challenge.

麻® Chinese Hemp is a Web 3.0 Traditional Chinese Herbalists, making unique formulations available based on the pricinples of...

  1. Clear and accurate labelling
  2. Breaking down the jargon and making sense of the science
  3. Only working with those who are ethical, environmental and sustainable

Because 麻® Chinese Hemp is a web 3.0 traditional Chinese herbalists, we needed something that was uniquely Chinese and captured the ubiquitous history of hemp for our store visitors.

Yes, there are domain names in Chinese.

麻 is the Chinese Hemp symbol, because we're a bit geeky, so we picked 麻.com as our unique Chinese domain, where you'll find unique CBD products designed by our Chinese International team that contain CBD from 100% natural Hemp plant genetics originated from China.

Fact, all hemp plant genetics originated in China.

Do you know where your CBD comes from? Which hemp genetics? Or watched an episode of Strain Hunters before on Youtube? We know it's hard to find the real deal when it comes to CBD and Hemp.

To earn your trust, we work tirelessly to find safe, reliable sources for our products through our online herbal store. Therefore, our name, logo and domain choices must always represent the value you've placed in us when you choose our products and recommend us to your loved ones.

So began 麻® Chinese Hemp on a mission to provide affordable relief to patients and educate novices around the world on the history and most effective application of 100% natural Hemp derived CBD in combination with Traditional Chinese Herbal therapeutic ingredients and techniques.

If you want to visit us but don't have a Chinese keyboard, don't despair. You can also visit 麻.com using our shortcut or search for Chinese Hemp on Google.

For some social media visitors on mobile, our domain name will appear as this is not an error or bug. Some social media apps haven't enabled Chinese in the web address, so will appear as this is the alpha numerical international code for 麻.

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