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For years I struggled with anxiety and depression resulting from childhood trauma and a growing disconnect with the ever-changing social and political atmosphere of our modern times.

I first came across CBD in my search for relief from the aches and injuries of amateur sports. Before I encountered CBD, I was using the same destructive coping mechanisms familiar to all too many of us - alcohol, unhealthy foods, and prescription pharmaceuticals.

After using CBD for some time, I found it offered more than just physical relief. It provided the perfect counterbalance to my downward spiral of decadence, disease and mental decline.

It was this break from previously destructive habits that inspired me to launch Chinese Hemp.

It is our mission to bring you into connection with your true potential.

Our Values

We recognise the power CBD has to help you feel more grounded, relaxed, and comfortable in your own skin. Because of this power, CBD products should be accessible to all who need relief.

CBD has a profound effect on the daily lives of millions of people all around the globe. We know the impact it can have, moment to moment, day to day, week to week.

Which is why we strive to provide consistent, high-quality products coupled with a reliable, friendly service you can place your complete faith in.

To us, hemp is more than just a commodity for profit. CBD has a crucial role in unlocking humanity’s true potential and driving us towards happier, healthier, and more sustainable societies.

The world can be a tumultuous place.

Our Goals

Socially, politically, and environmentally, changes are happening that can leave you feeling out of alignment with the planet and nature around you.

At Chinese Hemp, we believe that the wellness of our body and mind is directly related to the wellness of our environment.

Overconsumption, individualism, and the destruction of the planet are all symptoms of our collective traumas.

With the healing power of hemp, first described in Chinese textbooks dating back before the birth of Christ, human beings can begin to heal, and overcome the personal and planetary problems that we all must face together.

Dedicated to your wellbeing.

Our Team

We are a team of cannabis and hemp lovers, patients, cultivars, extractors, and technology enthusiasts based in London, dedicated to bringing you the best CBD products knowledge, sharing and empowering you with the tools to wellbeing. We are the sponsor of the London Cannabis Film Festival Best Documentary award 2019 and 2020.

We are passionate about supporting grassroots, startups and educating about the benefits of CBD and cannabis to the public, and informing the cannabis user community on the unique ways these products can improve your body and mind.

We are Chinese British owned and operated and we're proud to support the UK green economy.

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Herbal Technology Limited
Unit 8, 176 Finchley Road
London, NW3 6BT
United Kingdom