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Shén Nóng (神農) the 'Divine Farmer'

Dear friends! Today is the first day of the new month, and we are feeling a little nostalgic. On the first and fifteenth of each month, it is customary in Chinese herbalist guilds to give a 10% discount to the public. This tradition is to honour the father of Chinese Medicine, the Divine Farmer, Shén Nóng (神農).

Shén Nóng is credited with discovering the healing properties of Cannabis 4,800 years ago and teaching humans how to farm. He is said to have experimented with hundreds of herbs on himself and documented various properties and usages to help heal the sick. Today, the 2,000-years-old Shen Nong Ben Ciao Jing (神农本草经), the original Chinese herbal Materia Medica, forms the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Cannabis, as one of the 50 'fundamental' and 'noble' herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, is recommended in 120 different forms of (風 Feng) mental disease, in menstrual disorders, and wounds. The fruit, considered to be poisonous, can stimulate the nervous system. If used in excess, will produce hallucinations and staggering gait. This observational model is the very first ever documented biphasic effects of cannabinoid on humans.

At 麻® Chinese Hemp, we are proud of our heritage. So on the first and the fifteenth of every new month, we will continue to honour the legendary patron of the healing arts with a 10% discount on all purchases.

Use the code SHENNONG during checkout or click the link below to receive 10% off all purchases and shipping to over 24 different destinations.

Remember, if you are interested to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and cannabis, please like, comment, and support us by sharing this with your friends and family!

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