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How much CBD are you really taking? 🤔

Is 10ml of 10% CBD oil the equivalent of 1000mg of CBD? Are you being short-changed by CBD cowboys?

Quite often, we find the labels on CBD Oil products both online and in retail locations across the UK confusing or even misleading. Typically you will find labels advertising 1000mg or 10% CBD in 10ml of oil. But are you really getting 1000mg of CBD when buying a 10ml 10% CBD oil? To get to the truth, let's dive into the metric of mass volume density to explain what you are really paying for when buying CBD oil.

So what is density? Density is a measure of mass divided by volume typically calculated in kilograms (one thousand grams) or milligrams (one-thousandth of a gram) divided by cubic meters or cubic centimetres using metric units (kg/m3 or mg/cm3). So when a product is labelled as 10ml 10% CBD oil, you need to take into account the mass volume density of the oil first before working out the amount of pure CBD contained within.

Household cooking oil typically has a density of around 830 to 920 kilograms per cubic meter, or 830 to 920kg/m3, which means 1 millilitre (1ml) of oil typically has a mass volume density of 830 to 920 milligrams per cubic centimetre (830 to 920mg/cm3). And because water has a mass volume density of 1000mg/cm3, we assume (incorrectly) our 10ml 10% CBD oil contains 1000mg of CBD.

So when the label of a 10ml bottle of CBD oil claims to have 10% or 1000mg of CBD, what they are really claiming is the density values of water instead of oil. The CBD you are actually paying for is anywhere from 830 to 920 milligrams (mg) of pure CBD in a 10ml 10% CBD oil from these products.

Considering many of the CBD oils on the market cost anywhere between £50 to £70, and is made with a mixture of CBD isolate and medium-chain triglyceride (MTC) oil, you are essentially paying a massive premium on the MTC oil that usually cost as little as £30 a litre on Amazon

BBC news article recently reported that the 'Centre for Medical Cannabis blind-tested 30 products advertising themselves as CBD.' and that 'Only 38% of the products tested had levels of CBD within 10% of the amount advertised on the bottle'.

So next time when buying CBD oil, instead of being short-changed by opportunists trying to make a quick profit, why not try our 99.6% cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate Powder instead? We guarantee each bottle of our CBD isolate powder contains at least 1000mg of pure CBD, so you get what you pay for instead of flushing money down the toilet.

Even better, our CBD isolate is so pure that it melts at 66 degrees Celsius, or 151 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you decide to make your own affordable CBD oil at home next time, remember to give it some heat and blend all that CBD goodness into whichever oil YOU choose to add.

Do you agree? Tell us in the comments!

Comments (2)

  • Dennis Pedersen on Sep 06, 2019

    Really interesting article, feeling well informed now!

  • Matthew Whittingham on Sep 05, 2019

    Good article, thanks. Good to be able to buy from a reputable supplier!

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