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420 Giveaway FREE £20 Store Credit To KickStart Your CBD 2021

This is Jia from Chinese Hemp, writing to family and friends, followers and supporters, cannabis and hemp community to thank you for your support.

Reflecting on the last 12 months, a lot has happened. COVID, lockdown, lost loved ones, family and friends. A lot of us are feeling anxious and physically weakened. And many more had to deal with traumas to physical and mental wellbeing. So we’re giving 100 followers each £20 to spend on our traditional Chinese medicine inspired health and wellness CBD products to thank you for your support and help you feel better this year ahead.

Whether it’s due to being locked up indoors after too long in lockdown. Or if you have to travel to work and are suffering from fear of catching COVID. There’s a lot of pain and anxiety going around stopping us from being ourselves. But that’s why we need to start moving our bodies and minds again. Go forward and rise with the sun as summer approaches. Make it happen in 2021 and get back to yourself and overcome challenges to your peace of mind. Use our free £20 credit on any product you like to help you get started.

At Chinese Hemp, physical health is also mental health. Exercise can naturally increase endocannabinoid in your body. Walking more can help rebuild your core strength and leg muscles. A healthy balance of cannabinoids can help maintain a balanced immune system. The last 12 month have been challenging on different levels. We want to support your physical and mental well-being. We have some really well-reviewed products that might be helpful to start you on your CBD journey.

What you have to do to collect this free £20 store credit is easy. Here's what you have to do.

  • Follow us on social media @chinesehemp and show us how you write the Chinese character for hemp 麻 (ma) in your own handwriting.
  • Post your video story on your social media and tag us @chinesehemp to let us know of your entry and when we've viewed your handwriting of 麻.
  • We'll then repost your story on our @chinesehemp account so you know £20 is coming your way via your DM.
  • You'll then receive via DM a unique code that reduces your basket by £20 that you can use on your way to the checkout.
  • We're on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

The first 100 videos sent to us via social media before 23:59:59 on April 20th British Summer Time will be valid and you'll be honoured with this free £20 reward.

This offer is open to everyone, you need only to pay for the cost of shipping and any differences between your final basket size and the free £20 store credit.

One £20 store credit code per household (not per social account).

Codes are valid until 20th May 2021.

Only 100 codes are available so hurry and don't miss out!

If you don’t know how to write hemp in Chinese, don’t worry, it’s really easy.

Follow our social media and we're gonna show you how in the our videos so don’t forget to follow and subscribe @chinesehemp if you want to know how!


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