How to make CBD oil?

So, how do you make CBD Oil? Well, it's actually pretty easy. All you need is CBD Isolate Powder, a 'carrier' oil, and either a microwave or a simple water bath with a pan and stove.

Step 1: Find a carrier oil for your DIY mixture.

You can use any cooking oil found in your local store. Coconut is our favourite due to taste and other health benefits.

Step 2: Calculate the percentage of CBD you want in the oil.

We are mixing 5,000mg of CBD Isolate Powder into 300ml of coconut oil. Together, this mixture will be approximately 305ml in volume leaving us with a CBD content of approximately 1.6% (5g CBD divided by 305ml total volume). You can experiment with different concentrations using these examples below.

10% CBD oil

5% CBD oil

2.5% CBD oil

Step 3: Add heat to dissolve the powder into the oil.

CAUTION: The this step involves heat so please take care when handling the mixture container and source of heat.

Heat your CBD oil mixture to allow the CBD to melt (66C or 151F) and dissolve. There are many ways you can do this, either by adding the mixture to a pot with hot water (not boiling) or by stirring the oil mixture after 30 seconds in the microwave and repeat until the powder has completely dissolved.

And voila, just like that you've made your first legal, safe, and affordable CBD oil at a fraction of the cost you'd typically pay elsewhere!

What do you think? Will you give it a try? Leave a thought or share your result with the comment feature below.

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