CBD Gift Hampers
CBD Gift Hampers
CBD Gift Hampers
CBD Gift Hampers
CBD Gift Hampers

CBD Gift Hampers

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CBD Gift Hampers is the perfect health-conscious gifts for family and friends.

Gift Hamper No.1 - £59.98 Save £30

Gift Hamper No.2 - £34.98 Save £20

Gift Hamper No.3 - £29.98 Save £20

    Gift Hamper No.4 - £29.98 Save £15

    What is CBD?

    • CBD is one of the principal compounds discovered in Cannabis Sativa (a.k.a Hemp) in the 1940s.
    • Today, it is one of over hundreds of “cannabinoids” such as THC, CBN, CBG et al.
    • It is non-psychoactive and known to produce anxiolytic effects in the amygdala and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis.
    • It is non-toxic.

    What is CBD Isolate Powder?

    • CBD Isolate Powder is the purest, legal form of CBD available to the public without a prescription.
    • It is created by extracting CBD from the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant first, and then through a series of purification, it becomes a crystal once above 99% and is then grounded into a fine powder.
    • Typically used in the manufacture of CBD products as an ingredient such as CBD oil.

    What is CBD Skincare?

    • Italian researchers from the University of Milan have shown CBD to have an effect on controlling inflammation on human skin tissue.
    • Results showed that micrograms (millionth of a gram) of CBD inhibited the skin’s natural inflammatory response to damage.
    • CBD oil contains omega 3 and 6 which are healthy fats which act to moisturise, strengthen, and hydrate the skin for supple, elastic, beautiful and healthy skin.

    麻® Chinese Hemp

    We combine Traditional Chinese remedy with modern neuroscience to bring you the very best CBD products from around the world. Our products are tested in the UK and the EU to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.