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Invite a friend and you both get £20 store credit.


It's pretty simple. On your mobile, or desktop, open the 麻® Rewards window.

Next, Sign up or login if you already have an account.

Then, share your unique link with people you love.

When they shop with us, we will automatically take £20 of their first order and you'll also receive £20 store credit whenever you like! The more people you share, the more store credit you earn the more CBD products you can redeem using your store credit.


Where do I find my unique link?

Once you've created an account, your unique link is located in the 麻® Rewards window. Or you can click here to open the window now.

How many times can the sender redeem the store credit?

If you're sending the referral link to someone, there is no limit on how many £20 store credit you can redeem. This is totally down to how many people redeem their £20 store credit. Only when they redeem their £20 store credit, will you be able to redeem yours.

How many times can the receiver redeem the store credit?

If you've been sent a £20 store credit gift by someone you know, then this £20 gift is only available for redeeming on your first order with us.