How to make DIY CBD oil?

On a recent Google search safari, we found an interesting question on Quora that asked: How do you make CBD oil? We answered there but we thought we'd also share our knowledge here to help anyone curious about how to make CBD oil.

But before we start, let's clear up some confusion regarding cannabidiol (CBD) oil legality in the UK. Namely, that all major CBD oil brands use cannabidiol (CBD Isolate powder mixed with a medium-chain triglyceride oil such as coconut oil. Why? Because this is the most reliable method of CBD oil manufacturing guaranteeing compliance with legislation.

CBD oil made using full-spectrum extracts of Cannabis Sativa L. (Hemp) with less than 0.2% THC can still contain above legal amounts of THC. THC that remains strictly controlled by the Home Office according to their CBD factsheet.

According to the Home Office cannabis and CBD factsheet, should any product, regardless of overall volume, contain more than 1 milligram of a controlled substance, then the product is technically illegal.

Therefore, if a CBD oil is made with a Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp variety such as Futura 75, a genetic with less than 0.2% THC per plant harvested, a bottle of 10ml CBD oil containing 1000mg of CBD is likely to contain more than 1mg of THC (1000mg x 0.2% THC = 2mg) leaving the product at risk to regulatory enforcement action. It is much safer for CBD oil brand to manufacture their CBD oil using CBD isolate instead to avoid the legal risks associated with full-spectrum CBD extracts.

So let's get back to the title of this article and explain how cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be made by anyone safely, economically, and legally in the comfort of your own kitchen in three simple steps.

  1. Know the exact amount of CBD to add to your oil. Use a milligram scale that you can purchase from Amazon to measure the exact amount you wish to use.
  2. Add the CBD to a carrier oil such as Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Walnut, Seasame, or Hemp seed oil. Most are inexpensive and can be bought in a supermarket or via Amazon. You control the volume and pick the taste that you prefer!
  3. Add heat as pure CBD melts at 66 degrees Celsius (151 Fahrenheit) so you'll need to heat your CBD oil mixture to allow the CBD to melt and dissolve. There are many ways you can do this, either by adding the mixture to a non-stick pan or by zapping the oil mixture in the microwave for 30-60 seconds.

And voila, just like that you've made your first legal, safe, and affordable CBD oil at a fraction of the cost you'd typically pay elsewhere!

What do you think? Will you give it a try? Leave a thought or share your result with the comment feature below.